The Latest Event Catering Trends – What’s Hot!

Have an upcoming event on your way? Knowing the latest catering trend would make it a big success as people are much more in tune with delicacies than ever before. Here, we have rounded up the hottest catering trends that are ruling the catering industry in 2017. Stay inspired!

Destination-Specific Cuisine

If you are organizing a destination event or your location is a major tourist attraction of the area, you’re inviting your guests to experience a new place. At new places, people want much more than just sightseeing and tasting the local cuisine is on the hit list. In either case, it’s great if you include a destination-specific cuisine in the menu. Hire a local restaurateur or talk to your caterer to serve up famous local delicacies.

Local Beer and Wine

Once the lights turn on for the after-evening celebration, your guests may crave for booze. And, just like food, they would tempt for something specific that give them memories to take back home. To offer your attendees a hearty local indulgence, get them beer from local breweries and wine from local vintners.

Comfort Food Station

Replace those regular cheesy snacks with nostalgic comfort foods, like mashed potatoes, pancakes, frozen lasagna, doughnuts, egg rolls, ratatouille, etc. Chefs at these stations would tell the stories behind the origin of the food and ingredients used in the dish. Guests enjoy witnessing how their favourite food is cooked and served hot. The chef also gives attendees an opportunity to choose their own ingredients and toppings. Many DIY food stations allow guests to have a pleasure of grilling and roasting while gossiping with their loved ones.

Raw Veggies

Got some health-conscious guests? Cover them by providing gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan edibles at the party. Opt for a kaleidoscope of colour with lengths of vibrant carrots, leaves of kale, sliced kohlrabi and bite-sized radishes. Boost your veggies game with organic homemade drizzles and sauces like miso-ginger or fruit-fusion vinaigrettes.

Innovative Cakes

Instead of traditional white cake, ask your baker or caterer to pick up and combine different flavours to make theme-inspired cakes. Make your event memorable and interesting by offering small-tiered cakes, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, ice creams, etc.

Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable is on every foodies’ mind, and Seafood is gaining popularity as a great alternative to typical meat. Guests could not resist velvety butter tasting Seafood seasoned with authentic Middle East spices. Have any food predictions for upcoming events? Let us know in the comment section.