Bartending Course Info

Bartending is the art of mixing drinks and socializing with people. In this website you will find very useful information about cocktails and drinks. Learn professional techniques and discover how to be a top bartender. Information about mixology, drinks recipes, bartending videos, flair bartending, wines and coffee + hundreds of useful tips is available here. If you have a passion for making drinks, entertaining guests or the ability to work well under pressure, high value standards and love making money by serving cocktails then start learning today at this site. Bartending is for everyone, either you want to host a party, start a business or simply just to have some knowledge about drinks. Enjoy and discover what the world of bartending has to offer to you, all information in this site is for free so stop paying for those programs online when you have everything you need to learn available in one place.

The basic bartending course teaches you how to prepare all the traditional cocktails. This includes learning how to make different martinis, margaritas, daiquiris, basic well drinks, Long Islands, and more. If you are already familiar with most of the contents in these drinks, learning how to create them will come with ease.

In addition to learning basic mixology, in a basic bartender class you become educated on the different types of wines and beers. While you will not become a wine connoisseur in a basic bartender course, you will become familiar with the basic differences in wines and what type of wines compliment different foods. Also, you’ll learn about the differences in the top brands of established beers. This is important because you’ll need to field questions from patrons curious as to the difference between cold-filtered and micro-brewed beers.

The more advanced classes often specialize in a certain type of drink. For example, you can take a class entirely about martinis. You will become skilled at many kinds of martinis and specialty drinks that normal bartenders would not know. This bartender course is a great class for people wanting to work at a martini bar. It’s also a great resume booster.