The Latest Event Catering Trends – What’s Hot!

Have an upcoming event on your way? Knowing the latest catering trend would make it a big success as people are much more in tune with delicacies than ever before. Here, we have rounded up the hottest catering trends that are ruling the catering industry in 2017. Stay inspired!

Destination-Specific Cuisine

If you are organizing a destination event or your location is a major tourist attraction of the area, you’re inviting your guests to experience a new place. At new places, people want much more than just sightseeing and tasting the local cuisine is on the hit list. In either case, it’s great if you include a destination-specific cuisine in the menu. Hire a local restaurateur or talk to your caterer to serve up famous local delicacies.

Local Beer and Wine

Once the lights turn on for the after-evening celebration, your guests may crave for booze. And, just like food, they would tempt for something specific that give them memories to take back home. To offer your attendees a hearty local indulgence, get them beer from local breweries and wine from local vintners.

Comfort Food Station

Replace those regular cheesy snacks with nostalgic comfort foods, like mashed potatoes, pancakes, frozen lasagna, doughnuts, egg rolls, ratatouille, etc. Chefs at these stations would tell the stories behind the origin of the food and ingredients used in the dish. Guests enjoy witnessing how their favourite food is cooked and served hot. The chef also gives attendees an opportunity to choose their own ingredients and toppings. Many DIY food stations allow guests to have a pleasure of grilling and roasting while gossiping with their loved ones.

Raw Veggies

Got some health-conscious guests? Cover them by providing gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan edibles at the party. Opt for a kaleidoscope of colour with lengths of vibrant carrots, leaves of kale, sliced kohlrabi and bite-sized radishes. Boost your veggies game with organic homemade drizzles and sauces like miso-ginger or fruit-fusion vinaigrettes.

Innovative Cakes

Instead of traditional white cake, ask your baker or caterer to pick up and combine different flavours to make theme-inspired cakes. Make your event memorable and interesting by offering small-tiered cakes, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, ice creams, etc.

Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable is on every foodies’ mind, and Seafood is gaining popularity as a great alternative to typical meat. Guests could not resist velvety butter tasting Seafood seasoned with authentic Middle East spices. Have any food predictions for upcoming events? Let us know in the comment section.

Bartending Schools Guide

Have you ever thought about attending Bartending School? Have you wondered what it would be like to serve drinks at some swanky nightclub? Today, there are hundreds of bartending schools all across the United States ready to prepare you for the world of bartending. Bartending Schools serve as a guide to making drinks with speed and ease. You can register for courses varying from two to twelve weeks in length, so that time commitment is never an issue. Since the classes can be spread out over long periods of time, college students are often able to fit bartending courses into their hectic schedules.

Why Attend a Bartending School?

Bartending schools give you knowledge and hands-on experience that is needed to become a successful bartender. While it is not necessary to attend a school to be a bartender, there are great benefits in doing so. For example, you will not have to work your way up the restaurant line to become a bartender; instead, you can jump into bartending immediately after completion of your course.

Also, bartending schools offer great resources in finding job placement for you. This is an extremely helpful tool for bartending students, especially those looking to relocate to another city or state. Bars, restaurants, and clubs often visit bartending schools to assist them in staffing their establishment with qualified individuals. In addition to bartending schools being great places to meet contacts, they are also helpful for you to hone your skills and learn the tools of your trade. As a bartending student, you will learn to prepare not only all of the traditional drinks, but you’ll also learn the trendiest drinks in your area. At the end of a bartending course, you should feel confident bartending at any bar in your area. If you want to gain some experience and put your new skills to work, see if a company in your area is hiring. Event bar rental companies like Mobile Bartender Winnipeg are most likely always looking for extra bartenders who have education.

On average, bartenders in smaller cities earn roughly $100-200 per day. These figures increase for larger, more populated cities. A part-time bartender makes about $200-400 per week, while full-time bartenders make around $500-900 a week. The best way to know that you are getting a verifiable course is to make sure that it’s a licensed school. At the end of your course, you want to receive a certification as a bartender to be able to compete for the best and most lucrative bartending positions. Being certified will greatly increase your chances of standing out among a field of applicants.

Bartending Course Info

Bartending is the art of mixing drinks and socializing with people. In this website you will find very useful information about cocktails and drinks. Learn professional techniques and discover how to be a top bartender. Information about mixology, drinks recipes, bartending videos, flair bartending, wines and coffee + hundreds of useful tips is available here. If you have a passion for making drinks, entertaining guests or the ability to work well under pressure, high value standards and love making money by serving cocktails then start learning today at this site. Bartending is for everyone, either you want to host a party, start a business or simply just to have some knowledge about drinks. Enjoy and discover what the world of bartending has to offer to you, all information in this site is for free so stop paying for those programs online when you have everything you need to learn available in one place.

The basic bartending course teaches you how to prepare all the traditional cocktails. This includes learning how to make different martinis, margaritas, daiquiris, basic well drinks, Long Islands, and more. If you are already familiar with most of the contents in these drinks, learning how to create them will come with ease.

In addition to learning basic mixology, in a basic bartender class you become educated on the different types of wines and beers. While you will not become a wine connoisseur in a basic bartender course, you will become familiar with the basic differences in wines and what type of wines compliment different foods. Also, you’ll learn about the differences in the top brands of established beers. This is important because you’ll need to field questions from patrons curious as to the difference between cold-filtered and micro-brewed beers.

The more advanced classes often specialize in a certain type of drink. For example, you can take a class entirely about martinis. You will become skilled at many kinds of martinis and specialty drinks that normal bartenders would not know. This bartender course is a great class for people wanting to work at a martini bar. It’s also a great resume booster.

Finding the Best Catering Services

Finding the right catering service starts with a bit of simple research and asking the right questions. You can always start by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Before you start calling caterers make sure you get the names of at least three caterers.

You will need to know about how many guests will be at your event. You will want to decide how to admit guests to your event. Consider the size of your party and expected guests before talking to a caterer. All catering companies are not the same. It’s important to hire a caterer that has the experience to take care of your event. Ask your potential caterer about how long they have been in business and what kind of events they have catered before.It’s important to have an idea of what to expect when you hire any local caterer. Before you hire any caterer, make sure to ask for samples and photos of past work. From the photos and samples you can see the quality of work you can expect.  You may find more details about this at

Sometimes your event will run past the expected time. This is normal and your caterer will expect this, just ask your caterer before hiring about their overtime charges. If you know what to expect as overtime charges, it will be easier to plain around budget and time restraints. Most catering companies will require a deposit before catering your event. Ask your caterer about their payment terms. Some will require complete payment before catering your event. If you do have to make any deposit, make sure to get a receipt and learn about their refund policy.A lot of times guests will decide to show up at the last minute or guests will bring one or more of their friends. Even though this is normal, it’s important to consider this situation before reaching an agreement with your caterer. Reach an agreement with your caterer on how to care for unexpected guests.